1. Besides Weekly tests, there will be two Terminals and one Final Examination   during the school year.  
  2. All are obliged to answer the Final Examination. There will be no anticipation or postponements of the same neither will a re-examination be held.
  3. To secure a Pass Certificate the students is required to pass in every subject, securing a minimum of 40%.
  4. In all matter of promotion or failure, the decision of the Principal is final. Answer scripts of the Final Examination will not be shown.


  1. Unit Test will be conducted without any prior announcement.
  2. No consideration for promotion will be given if the student does not take the examination or she is found absent.
  3. The fee dues  must  be cleared   within  the schedule  time in  accordance   with the instructions received   from the Educational Department, a boy/girl whose  School fee has been  permitted  to fall into  arrears for a period amounting  to three  months  will be sent home, and his/ her name will be struck off from the Admission  Register .
  4. Students who return from vacation/ short holidays will be fined Rs. 10/- per day.
  5. A student twice failing in the same class will have to discontinue her students at the school.
  6. All are obliged to answer the Final Examination. There will be neither anticipation nor postponement of the same nor there be re-examination.


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