The School fees cover Twelve Calendar Months and are to be paid as follows:-

  1. The fees will be collected at the Union Bank of India, Kantatoli Branch, Ranchi only in cash from 10th to the 20th inclusive, of every month (except on Saturday and Sunday) from 10.00 am to 2.00. pm.
  2. The fee for June will be paid with the fee for May and that of March with the fee for February.
  3. The Tuition fee will be paid in the current month. Defaulters will be fined Rs. 10/- per month. For example, Jan. fees paid in March will pay Rs. 20/- as fine.
  4. The Tuition fee will be paid in monthly installments. It covers 12 months. No reduction will be made for holidays or broken period. The students will be charged full fees as long as their names are officially on the rolls.
  5. Special, Activity, examination and maintenance Fees for the year have to be paid along with the tuition fees for April.
  6. All arrears of fees must be paid before the Terminal Examination. The result of the Examination will be withheld if the fees are not paid on time.
  7. Only one single slip is required to be filled in even if you are paying the fees for more than a month.


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